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Parv by S. L. Bhairappa

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This novel is based on the epic Mahabharata by Maharishi Vyas. All the characters in this are divine yet each remembers being human. They all have their feet set firmly on this soil. Each one faces life differently. Each one struggles throughout. Each one has a different personality. Each one possesses different initiatives and each one faces different destiny. Along with this, we see various divine miracles, curses and blessings. This story takes us to levels different than that of a human. Dr. S. L. Bhairappa the leading novelist, the philosopher from Karnataka has tried to give a meaning to all these marvels, these curses and blessings. He reveals the characters hidden beneath them. He pictures them differently in the light of modern human sciences, social concepts giving them a new meaning, personality, making them unique and sensational.

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