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Parshudhari Parshuram By Sudhakar Shukla

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About the Author :- Sudhakar Shukla, a retired school teacher, has written this biographical novel. He is a prolific author. Forty stories as well as eight novels are to his credit. His novels are mainly based on the sources from the great Indian epics like The Ramayana, The Mahabharat and the Puranas. The novels like Vishwamitra, Gangeya, Ashwatthama, Mahamantri Vidura are much more than old wine in new bottle. Before attempting this novel he has gone through the available references, travelled far and wide and visited the concerned places to make his novel more realistic than legendary. He has tried to give justice to Parshuram who has been labelled as a superman who brought about the complete destruction of the Kshatriyas. About his style :- The author, being a school teacher, takes every opportunity and exploits every situation to tell the reader the philosophical aspect of life of norms of ideal behavior. The dialogues and monologues are quite lively, suitable to the context and presented in simple language. Repeated descriptions of traditional battles, the socio political strategic discourses, the guidelines about the duties of Brahmans and Kshatriyas would have become monotonous had the author not woven them in beautiful, lucid descriptions of untouched nature. The live sketches of the hermitages take the reader to the remote past and give the feel of hermitage-life. The incident of chopping off head Renuka`s heats by Parshuram makes our hair stand to their end. The anger of Jamdagani, the forgiveness of Vashistha, and the devotion of Renuka towards her husband impress the reader. The description of Jamdagani`s death and funeral is extremely touching. Really speaking the novel can be a handbook for the teachers who are moulding the young minds and can be the workbook for the students giving guidelines about the teacher - taught relationship. The Summary - The novel begins with the self - introduction by Parashuram. He tells us about his parents and grandparents, the early childhood days in the hermitage, his studies of the Vedas and rituals, his training of archery (Dhanurvidya), weapons and traditional missiles under the able guidance of Kashyapaishi. The novel gathers momentum when he observes penance and is blessed with Parashu by the grace of Ganesha, Shivadhanushya by Shiva and Vaishnav Dhanushya by Richik rishi. Parashuram, being a Brahman by birth but having the mindset of Kshatriya is unhappy with the situation around him. He vows to bring about social justice, peace and harmony. He raises his parashu (the deadly axe that kills instantly) against the Kings who are cruel and arrogant. He kills Sahasraarjun for the robbery of Kamdhenu. But the protects and supports the Nobel kings like Dasharatha and Janaka. In the course of revenge and counter revenge the merciless killing of his father, Jamadgni, takes place and Renuka follows him as `SATI` After his landslide victory, Parashuram creates a new land called Aparant Bhumi (Konkan). He gets the barren land cultivated by the families of 96 kulas and rehabitates them there. He also creates the holy places like Valukeshwar, Mahalasa, Shanta Durga and Kanyakumari. After completing his mission, Parashuram, marches towards the Mahendra hills never to returm.

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