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Paperback Raita by William Rhode

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A novel that captures the voice of a generation - from an outstanding new talent. When Joshua King's father dies of a Viagra overdose, he leaves his son a fortune - on condition that Josh writes a bestselling novel. But the last thing Josh wants is a purpose in life; he's far too busy travelling, taking drugs and growing his hair. Now, uncomfortably ensconced in dirty, downtown Delhi, still desperately searching for inspiration, Josh reckons he's on to the Big One. Which is to find, befriend and finally unmask the subcontinent's legendary drug baron, Baba. Add the beautiful and elusive Yasmin to the plot, and Josh finds himself enmeshed in a quest so unbelievable it must surely give him scope for a novel. But three months later, abandoned, penniless and starving in Mumbai's Caged City, selling heroin to street kids and wanted for questioning after the murder of a Bollywood superstar, Josh is discovering the dangers of fiction. It is all far too real. Fantastical, funny, provocative and wise: Paperback Raita is the story of what happens when the dreaming stops, the drugs wear off and the writing has to begin...

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