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Pani Ek Adbhoot Upcharpaddhati by A.R.Hari

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Todays world is of science and technology. Do we realize how far it is taking us from the nature? For the simplest need as thirst we are relying more and more on cold drinks and keeping ourselves away from the most important drink- water. Naturally, nature shows its course. We suffer from various diseases. Headache, arthritis, asthma, kidney problems, urinary problems, weakness, high blood pressure and many such diseases have a basic cause. We take antibiotics which cure us for the time being. But they also give rise to many other problems. On the contrary, if we drink 12 to 14 glasses full of water everyday then many of our age old diseases will be cured. This book reveals the secrets of water and the magic it works. It is really surprising that if we follow the rules in this book properly and then drink water accordingly we will see the effects within 48 hours. So come on, try to implement it from this moment.

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