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Panbhavare by Anand Yadav

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This is an autobiographical type but still the "me` in it is never harsh upon us. This often has happened in many an autobiographical writings lately. Yadav is an exception to this rule. The personality of his "me` does not rankle in our eyes. On the contrary, the "me` is very shy, bashful, virtuous. It loves other people without any expectations. It has a longing for the nature. The writer does not ignore the current actuality. There is a feeling of being unsafe in this modern world in spite of all the precautions, there is terrible mental tangling. The common man is dubious about his life. His life is full of artificial and mechanical feelings. His mind is at two ends while trying to balance his virtuousness. His life still possesses the cultural values inculcated so deeply and so thoroughly practiced. He has eyesight which immediately finds the reality. He has the wefts and warps weave tightly together with the emotions. These are all the different aspects of an urbanite, they make the man realize that he is a mere puppet in the hands of fate. These articles show the author`s command over handling different sensations, poetic sense, and the experiences with subtle imagination.

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