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Palya Vyaktimatvacha Kanmantra by Sanjeev Paralikar

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Each parent wants his/her child to be a very successful personality. Out of this wish parents push their children towards unhealthy competition in their early school days. This often is a route cause of children not understanding the meaning of competition or success in life. Finally they do not emerg into successful personality. considering this I thought of sharing my experiences. Success in academics is meaningless if a child does not develop Decision Making Ability, Risk Taking Ability, Dealing with People, Importance of Relationship, Maintain Good Health, Humor & Smile, Taking Initiative etc. Success in academics has very little contribution towards Successful Personality. Major portion of contribution comes from other things which are ironically ignored by parents. Through this book I have tried to focus on all such things which are more which are more important than just scoring few marks in the examination paper. Many parents are insensitive & ignorant about creating successful attitude in the child. Paradox of life is, Attitude is the single most important thing for a successful personality.

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