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Paklya by V S Khandekar

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We think that the true literature is related only with the urban life and culture. This is not true. This thought prevails because of one reason word word is the medium of literature so, education is considered very close to savoury. But many a times, education produces wisefools. These fools take pride in criticizing and analysing the technique, the science and many such things. They enjoy it, they get habituated to it. But the true saviours do not indulge themselves in those useless aspects. They are attentive only towards the soul of literature. Students possess great ability to enjoy literature. They are booned in a way and are easily blended with the literature. They have immensely imaginative mind. They take a pride in flying freely in the sky without any strings attached. V. S. Khandekar has carefully chosen 15 stories from his vast collection of almost 200 stories and has named it "Petals` Paklya.

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