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Oza by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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Deva was continuously gazing at the ‘saheb’. He had rested his chin on both his palms which were resting on the upper end of the stick that he always carried. Within moments, his eyes reddened and enlarged twice their original size. He was breathing very heavily now. He was terribly infuriated by now. His arms started shivering under stress. Doctor shouted; ‘What are you listening to, you sister fucker….’ Before he could complete his sentence Deva bent down in swoop and picked up his battered and soiled chappal. He shouted with all the energy that he possessed, ‘You rotten piece of meat, get down from the office. And I will smash your face with my battered chappal. This is a story of ‘Deva Satva Mahar’. This was written ages prior to the Dalit literature gaining any momentum and recognition. This represented the rebellion mind of a dalit. Many such stories help us to understand the poverty, misery and despondency of the dalits. Today we see the line separating the dalit literature from the rural one. But Madgulkar had interwoven these two aspects harmoniously in his literature.

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