Only The Paranoid Survive By  Andrew Grove

Only The Paranoid Survive By Andrew Grove

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Only The Paranoid Survive represents several management lessons (attempted and tested) that are beneficial for managers today. Due to numerous changes in the computers field, several changes have also been made in the area of computer chips.

Through Only The Paranoid Survive, readers are provided with numerous techniques from the author’s own experiences. Intel is the largest computer chip maker in the world, and undoubtedly one of the reasons behind this progress is Andrew S Grove as he guided Intel through various possible failures.

Grove described strategic inflection points (SIPs), which are situations when any radical change takes place in any business that changes all the rules quickly, and forever. Andrew realized this SIP when Japanese started producing better quality, lower cost, memory chips. This made him rethink and relocate the company so it could be market leader again.

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