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On a Prayer by Yash Birla

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Twenty-two-year-old Yash Birla wakes up at the break of dawn to a phone call that changes his life - A plane with his parents and sister has just crashed in Bangalore. Leaving his college in North Carolina on a flight to Mumbai, Yash finds out that they have all passed away. Everything he has known is destroyed and his world is suddenly torn apart. Reeling from the loss, Yash is handed over a vast empire of companies that he is now at the helm of, where he has to fight for his rights and manoeuvre through relatives who have their own agendas. This is the story of a man who overcomes one of life's toughest hurdles and lives to tell the tale. It is Yash Birla's journey from a state of oblivion to survival, where his deep belief in spirituality and his faith in true love act as a crutch for him to go on. Money, greed, God and an inside view of one of India's oldest industrial families . . . that is the story of On a Prayer.

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