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Octopussy by Ian Fleming

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`M` cast a cold glance over the table. For sure, it must be a very difficult task and as Bond was with the OO section, he was selected to accomplish it. `You must finish this soldier who is firing from his hideout and that to before he succeeds in killing the agent 272, have you understood this properly?` Oh! This was a plain murder then. James Bond, British Secret Service Agent, 007; he has to undertake such ruthless tasks as a part of his international missions. Be it finding the Major carrying the terrible secrets to Caribbean or finding the Russian secret agent who was bidding for the egg-shaped figure by Faberge during the auction at Sodebee, or be it the ruthless shooting at an unlikely assassinator by a soldier who has already shoot many from the gullies of East and West Berlin; Bond always accomplished his missions successfully. Ian Flaming gives a detail and elaborate report of James Bond`s operations, thoroughly.

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