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No place For A Lady by Deb Stover

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Irish maid Molly Riordan never thought she would thank her lucky stars when her mistress, Lady Elizabeth Summersby, indulged in one night's indiscretion with a masked American at a costume ball. But now Lady Elizabeth has a child on the way, and a fiance waiting in the wilds of the American West.

For Molly, accompanying Lady Elizabeth on this unexpected adventure creates the chance to find her own father, who fled across the ocean years ago to make his fortune. But then a routine stagecoach stop in Colorado turns into a mishap of epic proportions. Lady Elizabeth is kidnapped, and the man the Lady is to marry believes Molly is his bride-to-be!

"Swift action, riveting drama, and of course a romance to sigh for." ~Susan Wiggs, Bestselling Author

"Warm and loving characters, and enough sexual electricity to power California!" ~ Romance Reviews Today

Once upon a time, Deb Stover wanted to be Lois Lane—until she discovered Clark Kent is a fraud and there is no Superman. Since publication of Shades of Rose in 1995, Stover has received dozens of awards for her cross-genre fiction. For more information, please visit

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