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No God But God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam by Reza Aslan

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Islam has always been a religion whose origin and beliefs have been questioned and debated, by different people at various points of time. Questions about the religion’s rigidity and whether there is scope for democratic ideals been raised time and again. No God But God: The Origins, Evolution And Future Of Islam makes an attempt to provide valid answers to these questions and explain the religion of Islam.

The book traces the origin of Islam, by giving readers an introduction to the times of prophet Muhammad, who is considered to be the initiator of Islam. Then, it discusses how after his death, different followers tried to interpret his messages in their own ways, and finally a certain code of conduct came into existence. Finally, the book puts forward the scenario where some Muslims want to incorporate some changes in the ancient code of conduct, and Islamic values to make them more modern and relevant to the state humans are in now. They say that Islamic reformation is the need of the hour.

No God But God: The Origins, Evolution And Future Of Islam is a comprehensive account of the origin and evolution of the Islam, along with a look into its future. The book was published by RHUK in 2011, and is available in paperback.

Key Features:


  • The book is a refreshing take on the religion of Islam.
  • It is a bestseller worldwide, with translations in thirteen languages.
  • It challenges the ‘clash of civilizations’ theory.

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