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Nirbachit Kalam by Taslima Nasreen

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Much has been said and written about the rights and liberalism of women in this male chauvinistic society, Taslima Nasreen`s voice is definitely the most prominent of them all. Taslima does not follow the traditions, she is a very straight forward lady and is an excellent debater. All her excellent qualities have actually disqualified her in her country, Bangladesh, more so because of this book, `Nirvachit Kalam`. This book gained the `Anand Award` which arose curiosity amongst the readers on all levels. All articles in this book are very explosive and have same potential. The writer has pen down the memories of her childhood, which were imprinted on her mind very effectively. They were very bitter but the author has written them very honestly as it is. This book reveals the author`s very bold opinions and views about today`s society. In this male chauvinist society, the women are always considered as a piece to satisfy the lust, even the religion chains her to her place. The almighty god is pictured with her torture indirectly. In reality, in practical life, in the relation of husband and wife, every where she is considered to be secondary, only the men have the capacity to take decisions, they are treacherous, wild, cunning and full of lust.

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