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Nirbachit Kabita by Taslima Nasreen

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A young lady who wants to be a poet writes romantic poems based on love or sadness in life. But Taslima is different. At the same age, she writes about the inequality and difference in the life of man and woman. She writes about the deceit in the name of love. She mentions the lust in return of true love. She throws a light on the disdain in return of selfsurrender. Her poetry is based on these topics. She does not write to gain name and fame but she writes to protest the women who have been shut up by the society. She writes with just one aim, to bring equality to men and women. Her poems do not show any bitterness, opposition or hatred. They have pain, they have dignity, they are hungry for love Much have been written about the deceit that a women faces, the male chauvinism, but Taslima`s bluntness is not seen in any of those poetries or books. She very truthfully writes about the torture that she was subjected to in a very artistic and perfect language.

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