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Niramay Yashasathi Dhyan by Shubhada Gogate

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Our rich and varied culture has bestowed us with the meditation power and yog vidya. Meditation is very much essential for our spiritual awakening and uplifting of our soul. Usually, it is believed that meditation is the way of penance while reaching the almighty and how true it is! Now people are noticing that meditation is beneficial in all possible ways, it benefits, mentally, physically and materialistically too. This has been proved scientifically. There are various ways of meditation. This book elaborates some of the ways and also guides us about how to meditate in house. Whatever the purpose and the way of the meditation is, it always will be beneficial and will purify your mind and soul. It will raise you physically, mentally and spiritually too. What you need on this path is just one thing, perseverance. If you have it, then you will surely succeed.

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