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Netaji by V.S. Walimbe

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This is a full length,authoritative biographical novel on the life of Subhashchandra Bose, one of the most eminent leaders of Modern India. Subhashchandra Bose occupies an unique place in India`s freedom struggle, waged against the mighty British imperial power from 1857 to 1947. Born on 23rd January 1997, Bose graduated from the Calcutta University with flying colours. Then he proceeded to England for higher studies in Western philosophy at Cambridge Undiversity. His father had insisted that during his stay there, he should appear for the prestigious Indian Civil Service examination. Bose had no desire to serve the foreign masters and so, though he got through the examination, refused to join British Bureaucracy.His decision created commotion in London`s official circles, because he was first to do so. On return, Bose participated in the noncooperation movement started by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.Bose had highest regards for Gandhi, but he had his basic differences with the Gandhian method of political movements. Gandhi’s exclusive insistence on nonviolence was not acceptable to Bose.It was his firm conviction that the struggle for freedom must be fought on various levels and in diffierent forms according to the needs of time.That is why when the Second world war was out, Bose went to Germany to seek military help. There he found that because of the changed circumstances Germany could not be of much use. So he undertook another adventure to reach Japan through a submarine. This tidious travel took 90 days. Japan agreed to cooperate with Bose in his fight against British imperialism. Subhashchandra Bose established the provisional government of indepednent India in Singapore on 21st October, 1943. With his Indian National Army, Bose marched through the jungles of Burma to reach the eastern boundries of India. Unfortunately he could not succeed in this daring mission. When Japan surrendered Bose thought of going to Soviet Union to continue the unfinished struggle for liberation of India. But he met with an aircrash and met with untimely death. He was affectionately called by his followers as NETAJI means reverent leaders. The life of Bose was a heroic saga of determination, dedication and devotion. He used to say,` India xx means humanity liberated. All these aspects of his multifaceted personality are narrated with dramatic impact in this book, which is acclaimed by elitics as a major work on the life and times of Subhashchandra Bose.

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