Navra Mhanava Aapala by  V P Kale (vapu)

Navra Mhanava Aapala by V P Kale (vapu)

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Our daily life is full of rays, it does not have any big event or a serious struggle of any type, that is the only problem. Otherwise, our routine life goes on as it is. Actually, our minds are prepared for the traumas of life, but then we come across someone who sees us through it. But this very mind set of ours is not at all prepared for the small traumas in daytoday life, which actually have the utmost power of disaster. They attack separately while we are alone and take out liveliness from our mind and soul. We have to suffer alone, there is no one to come along with us. A human mind thus attacked, gets terribly upset, his courage fails him, he then pauses for some time, rests for a while and once again gathers his strength with new hope and desire. No one notices his tiredness, no one detects his recovering. His journey continues. Everyone has to continue his or her own journey, sometimes falling and then getting up, with a new hope every time, with a glance at the past over and over, the journey has to be continued. This is a glimpse of such sufferings, of those walking and trudging, by you and of course by me!!!

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