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Navi Stree by V S Khandekar

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This novel is in a true sense "the complete apperception of a woman`. The author has left it incomplete, but it completes itself with the awakening of the mind so we should not consider it as incomplete. The author has written this novel in the year 1950. But even today it is most interesting and readable. Till the publication of this novel the novelist was known to be a weak creative literature writer, but the above said novel brought his strong side in front of the readers, he was revolutinary, pensive writer and had a very sensitive mindset and wanted to help women in their upliftment. The author always felt that the modern lady should know law, especially the section 144. It is true that she is going to get married even after being educated, but after and before marriage her mind should get moulded. The continuous process of moulding, that to of social moulding should take place in her life or is she going to remain a puppet in her husband`s hand even after education? Why does not the society recognise that like the male members of the society she also has a mind, a freedom? Why does not a man consider a woman as a friend? Why is a woman looked upon only and only as a woman? Aren`t these questions equally applicable to today`s woman too? Even in the 21st century?

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