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Navbharatache Shilpakar by Vir Sanghvi

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Generally, it is the business journalist who writes the autography of the businessman. These journalists generally end up asking the proportion of the expenditure and profit, or their yearly turnover. Very rarely, the true businessman is revealed through these figures. I interviewed these business leaders as I would interview any politician, any actor, any author or any such person. Surprisingly, it was very easy to make them talk, the format which I had selected proved to be very perfect. You will hardly come across the figures in terms of finance or loss and profit or any such thing related to finance. Mostly, these interviews reflect the true personalities that these people are. -Veer Yes, I have been very rich throughout my life. I was born as a rich. But I cannot ever forget those 10 years in America. I was surviving only on the allowance provided by the Reserve Bank, needless to say that it was always very insufficient. To make both the ends meet, I had to accept jobs as washing and cleaning the plates and dishes in hotel, anything that would help me to keep myself alive. Such jobs make you forget how rich your family is. -Ratan Tata. To whom should we give the credit of our success? Actually, it does not go to the man power or machine power. Today, at this stage I realize that it goes to the imagination power. Today, I have also come to the conclusion that my ideas have impressed those who have not been in my direct contact. Naturally, this gives me immense happiness. -Nandan Nilekani.

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