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Nashtya Maeyer Nashtya Gadya by Taslima Nasreen

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The name of the book is Nashta Meyer, Nashta Gadya. The society considers me to be nashta that is the one who is now out of hand. But, I prefer being called that. Because it is a fact that when a woman wants to overcome her pain, poverty and misery; when she tries to oppose the filthy rules of religion, society and the country, when she opposes the rights which insult her, when she is alert about her rights, then the so called gentlemen of the society call her `nashta`. If a woman wants to improve then the first condition is she has to forget herself, she has to perish herself. Unless and until a woman is perished from the society, she cannot be relieved from the society. On the contrary the woman who is perished in the eyes of the society is in true sense the healthiest and intelligent human being.

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