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My Name Is Salma by Fadiya Fakir

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As contemporary as today`s headlines, as timeless as love and hate - a young Muslim asylum-seeker in England runs from a brother who wants to kill her to save the family`s honour When Salma becomes pregnant before marriage in her small village in the Levant, her innocent days swimming in the spring are gone for ever. She is swept into prison for her own protection. To the sound of her screams, her newborn baby daughter is snatched away. In the middle of the most English of towns, Exeter, she learns good manners from her landlady, and settles down with an Englishman. But deep in her heart the cries of her baby daughter still echo. When she can bear them no longer, she goes back to her village to find her. It is a journey that will change everything - and nothing. Slipping between the olive groves of the Levant and the rain-slicked pavements of Exeter, My Name is Salma is a searing portrayal of a woman`s courage in the face of insurmountable odds.

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