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My Family Is All I Have by Helen -Alice Dear

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The extraordinary true story of how one British women was trapped in Eastern Europe for fifty years, first by the Nazis and then by Communism, but never stopped trying to get back home...HELEN-ALICE DEAR was only fifteen when she left London to visit Bulgaria on a family holiday in 1937- Just weeks after her arrival, she found herself unable to leave and struggling to survive in an increasingly hostile and terrifying environment. Her marriage to a Bulgarian man bore her four children but they were often homeless, cold and hungry. Despite these hardships, Helen refused to give up hope and bravely managed to protect and raise four happy children. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Helen was finally able to fulfill her dream of returning to her homeland. Her beautifully written memoir is a heart-wrenching tale of courage and resilience, proving just how indomitable the human spirit can be.

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