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Mulanvarche Sanskar by S. V. Kashyape

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My dear children, Our life is a beautiful rainbow with all its colours woven together, presenting a harmonious picture before us. To make it more beautiful we have to give it touches of our good conduct, thoughts, and soft feelings. Our life should be beautiful, meaningful, and artistic. Only we can make it like that. How? My dear parents, Are you worried about how to inculcate good manners in our children? Are you not able to satisfy their inquisitive nature properly? Are you concerned about the good moral values and virtues? Are you in a dilemma about the old and new traditions and culture? There is a way to deal with all your problems. How? Find the answers for all your questions in this book. This book will tell you about: The religious traditions, the real meaning of the divine form, prayers, fasts and many such things. The reasons behind all our festivals, the true way of celebrating them and a few changes according to the time we are living in. True education, the medium of education, holidays, co-education, association of our education and the aim of our life. The real meaning behind the rituals like marriage, threading ceremony. Elaboration of traditions, caste and religion difference, ways of greeting, equal treatment to boys and girls, and ways to fight. Our nation, nationality, democracy, right to vote, national qualities and faults. Employment, service, unemployment and various ways to overcome it. True meaning of religion, spiritualism and ritualism, yadnya, true happiness, philosophy of life.

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