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Mulanchya Samrudha Jivanasathi by Dr. Suchit Tamboli

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This is popular book which is having A to Z from before birth to 18 years. This is written by eminent Developmental Paediatrician DR.SUCHIT TAMBOLI. This book gives information regarding physical, mental development of child, parenting, diet, & calories, psychosocial development, behavioural problems, learning disorders, remedial education, mental retardation, gifted child, creativity, bringing best out of child, schooling, stammering, thumb sucking, nocturnal enuresis, lying, stealing, immunization, common diseases - identification & prevention, sleep & development, language development, social development, effects of television & computer etc. This book gives detail developmental stimulation programs from birth to 6 years & this is very special feature of this book. A guidance to toy is to pe purchased & how that toy should be applied in development of child is given. All those programmes are standardized. All information in this book is very scientific & references are also given. This book is an experience of 16 years practice in Paediatrics & Child Development & Behavioural Paediatrics by an expert in field. It helps every mother to bring best out of her child. During last 7 years 5 editions have been printed.

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