Mugdha Kahani Premachi by  Meena Takalkar

Mugdha Kahani Premachi by Meena Takalkar

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Osho elucidates very sweetly Kabir's meaningful and beautiful 'doha' in this book. The importance of love is immense, right from the beginning of the life till obtaining the glimpse of the vibrant Supreme Spirit. Kabir very delicately explains the meaning of love at the same time taking us to the highest steps. Love is god, only thing remains for us to do is to find true love. As love loses its might from our mind we start filling our life with physical pleasures. As love starts ruling our mind, all these materialistic things start to disappear. The 'Supreme Spirit' itself descends in front of us. The true meaning of life is transformation of 'one's own'. The art to immerse our ego. Those who are able to shed their ego, will experience the love pouring down on them from all sides. Youth! It is of body, it comes and goes. But youth of a soul is that of the divine power. It is eternal. The moment you realize this, you will experience a coolness, you will possess a foretaste of the unique form of youth, that of the soul. It will never lapse, leave you, never become old or extinct. The moment you achieve this vision of seeing through your soul, then everything around will change. There will be no differences, no walls holding from each other. You will find the presence of only love, the air around you will be full of love. It will be infinite love everywhere, never ending show of love, and from there, finally, you will be able to notice the vastness of the sky.

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