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Mrutyunjayee by Ratnakar Matkari

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Death is dreadful. We should be able to conquer it. Death has unsubstantiated me. Yes, I will take revenge! I will conquer death! I know the language of being alone. Niramayee lifted the holy book. She joined her hands to show her gratitude. The very same moment, the thunder struck the skies above, there was lightening; the thunderbolt fell exactly on Pandit`s mansion. The mansion shattered just for a moment and then the very next moment the ceiling collapsed. Huge cracks developed between the adjoining walls. The huge iron bar over Niramayee`s head came out of its place, and started its descent. Niramayee was scared to death. She lost her senses, she forgot to save herself by moving to one side. She watched her death in the form of the iron bar with huge astonishment. Yes, she had teased death by setting her mind to read the holy book and now death was approaching her slowly. Matkari`s stories fascinate the mind. They are supernatural, cryptic, yet they have a touch of beauty, passion. He succeeds in projecting the depth and meaningfulness of the mind

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