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Mrugajalatil Kalya by V S Khandekar

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The Buds in Mirage This is a collection of 28 meteors written by V. S. Khandekar. Many a people with utterly genuine and imaginative mind, and from different times and professions, right from Eosop to Gibran have tried their hands on this form of literature, they take the credit for making this short form of literature so popular and interesting.Meteor often appears to be a covert insinuation. V. S. Khandekar has very considerately and carefully titled this form as "meteor`.The topics for meteor have changed with the time, but meteor has always widened its critical sight making it more extensive and ubiquitous. Sometimes it was tried in a poetical form but its soul remained the same. The outer changed appearance did not change its inner being.The strength of a meteor lies in revealing truth very suggestively and immaculately. In this world, everybody is continuously under a disguise. Mostly, because of personal and social selfishness and lust, these disguises fail to succeed in deceiving. This collection will make the reader realize that all the meteors have very cleverly and dexterously unrevealed the spurious falsehood and revealed the truth hiding underneath.

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