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Mr Two Bomb by William Coles

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One man miraculously survives the Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima. Two days later he catches the last train home. Home to Nagasaki. He arrives just 90 minutes before the world’s second atomic bomb explodes into his life. As he battles through the scene of apocalyptic destruction, he is plagued by one constant question: is he lucky, or unlucky? This is his answer: he’s the luckiest man alive. Praise: The portrait of life in the destroyed cities – narrated by the aged TwoBomb is compellingly vivid, the most sustained description of apocalypse since Robert Harris’s Pompeii Financial Times. The book is described as a ‘powerful portrait’ Willam Coles’ new novel tells the story of one man who miraculously survives the atomic Bombs in Japan in 1945. Mr. TwoBomb, as he will later be nicknamed, works in a Hiroshima kite factory. By sheer fluke, he escapes the first atomic bomb to be dropped and, after two days of stumbling through the flattened landscape, he catches the last train running home to Nagasaki… Algarve Resident

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