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Moscow Rules by Robert Moss

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Yuri Andropov is dead, and the shaky succession of Konstantin Chernenko leaves Russia in turmoil.

Like many others Sasha Preobrazhensky has become disillusioned with Moscow.

He learns that his WWII-hero father didn't die in action, but was murdered, by fledgling KGB thug Topchy, while trying to save a German child from Soviet rape.

So Sasha vows revenge on the Soviet system, determined to destroy it from within.

Sasha joins the GRU and finds his first key ally in Captain Zaytsev, head of the GRU's special-forces training.

After service in the Afghanistan invasion Sasha begins putting his coup into action…

Can Sasha undermine the Russian system from within?

Or will someone else beat him to it...?

‘Moscow Rules’ is classic Cold War thriller, with an insider's view of high-style Moscow life, Russian espionage operations in the United States, and the inner corridors of the KGB's intelligence machine.

Robert Moss's novel ranges from high-level intrigues in Moscow to the battlefields of Afghanistan, from spying operations in the United States to racketeering in Baku.

It is one of the most dramatic and detailed novels of the secret Soviet world.

"A hard-hitting and generally marvellous read." - Publishers Weekly

"A winning combination of grim reality and fantasy... Moscow Rules reaches beyond the conventional thriller... The skillfully crafted plot keeps the reader racing towards the final chapter." - The Wall Street Journal

"Inspired... Moscow Rules is an antidote to superpower brinksmanship and verge-of-destruction blues... Riveting ... sure-fire suspense and intrigue." - The Washington Post

"Moss gives his fictional portrait of Russia and the activities of its rulers the ring of horrifying authenticity... superbly drawn." - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

"When it comes to contemporary international intrigue Moss rules!" - Houston Chronicle

"Moscow Rules represents the highest level of espionage fiction. It's been a long time since I've been so involved with a novel of this genre." - William Stevenson, author of 'A Man Called Intrepid'.

Robert Moss is a prize-winning journalist and former Editor of ‘Foreign Report’, the influential intelligence bulletin of ‘The Economist’. A recognized authority on espionage and terrorism, Moss was the first to reveal the Bulgarian involvement in the attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II, in testimony to the U.S. Senate in June, 1981. He has interviewed most of the important Soviet Bloc intelligence defectors and has covered wars and revolutions all over the world.

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