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Morpankhi Savlya by Ranjeet Desai

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We all know Ranjit Desai as a versatile writer He got his name and fame because of the novels, still he started his career as a writer with short stories. During the early years, he mainly focused on the rural life and the realities therein. Later on, he tried to walk on the path of history giving us wondrous stories with majestic environment. He sketched pictures of well known personalities in the field of music and art. Later on, he switched over to stories with more stress on nature, stars etc. Morpankhi Sawalya is a collection of 15 stories of different animals, used to the nature. The peculiarity of these stories is though they are written by a human not even a single human being comes into our sight throughout After going through the wonderful nature pictured by Ranjit Desai, we will once again realise his greatness.

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