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Moravala by Shivaji Sawant

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Moravala is the amla or gooseberry preserve. This book preserves lot of things. It is scientifically proven that moravala has indeed many good characteristics. Similarly, this book is preserved in sugar with all its good contents. It is useful. It has lost its sour-sweet-bitter-pungent taste and has become very tasty now. The contents here have all the characteristics of human mind-ego, hatred, jealousy…yet, they are sweetly molded together. All the Shadripus-the six enemies- have cast off their qualities and have soaked the sweetness now. Shri Shivaji Sawant’s mighty pen has once again presented the literature in extremely well fashion-with a touch of the local language of Kolhapur. He has portrayed many people from various fields of life throughout his journey-they are politics, education, publication and literature as well. A few ruralites make a permanent impression on our minds. Since the beginning to the last page, the book presents these sketches for us in a tantalizing manner leaving us mesmerised.

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