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Mi Rukmini by Suvarna Dhobale

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A monologue by Rukhmini, the wife of Shri Krishna revealing the many aspects of relationship between Krishna and she herself: Today, one can surely find much literature about Lord Krishna. But those who were a part of his life are sort of hidden by his glorious life span. There is not much information available on those who literally lived with him. The same applies to his first wife, Rukhmini. Through this book, the author has attempted to reveal the life of Rukhmini and that of Krishna, from Rukhmini’s perspective. We all are aware of the fact that Rukhmini’s brother had decided to marry her off to Shishupal. It was her desire to marry Krishna. She wrote him a letter and asked him to rescue her. When Krishna brought his newly wedded wife to Dwarka, his city of gold, he was surely relieved of many of his daily responsibilities. For it was Rukhmini who looked after the overall administration of Krishna’s kingdom and all his wives. She was shrewd, she was clever. She loved everyone. She had wonderful relationship with all the other wives of Krishna. Through this book, she talks to us about her life as a girl, a wife, a queen and then finally when she realizes who she really is… as a goddess.

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