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Mekh Mogari by Ranjeet Desai

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Ranjit Desai`s short stories are different than other short stories. They always take place in wondrous situations, almost have an environment as if in a fairy tale. They are not restrained to Maharashtra. They have a vast background, that of whole India. This author literally lives the line, "India is my country`. The stories are more historical than realistic. Music and romance are the inevitable factors of the stories. The characters are romantic and love to be in their own world, always lost in the dreamy environment. For them, nothing values more than love and art, not even their life. The female characters which meet us through his stories are always beautiful, petite, fragile, willing to sacrifice for love without any hesitation in their minds. He has always penned them down very delicately, whateer their occupation is, be it a singer, a dancer, a prostitute or a housewife. He has always being considerate of the delicate female mind. His stories take us to places far away, make us forget the real world. The background is equally colourful with all the details penned down minutely. This shows his observation skills. Though his stories tend to be more on the wonderous side, the characters are typical human beings. He has sketched them very realistically so much that we automatically and unknowingly get involved, laughing with their happiness and crying with their sorrows.Pralhad Keshav Atre

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