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Mauli by Anand Yadav

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"Mauli` is a novel novel, the cat being its central character. It is the author`s pet. Slowly, along with the author all his family members, friends, relatives, and the kindred of the cat including a cruel black he cat, join in to form a unit. The novel takes a peculiar mode, the wefts and warps are woven tightly forming a beautiful weaving pattern. Readers will be astonished with Yadav`s observation skills. His longing for keen observation opens up an entire new universe for him. He tries to explore it as far as possible, yet not forgetting his senses which are always wide awake. With his immense writing skills he takes the readers to the aborigin of the nature, which is based on the foundation of selfdefense and continuing the lineage. The reader unknowingly turns to the path of primitive foundation observing the only true relation between a male and a female, who themselves are dependent on genesis and the rhythm. This cat no more remains a mere cat. She takes the form of "aadimaya`, she presents the divine form of selfbirth. "Mauli` thus takes a form of the contemplation of life. This novel is very unique; I think it might be the first of its type, touching simultaneously yet gently the different aspects of philosophy, traditions, folk tales and the orthodox setting of the typical Indian mentality. Prof. Arvind Vaman Kulkarni.

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