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Marathi Bhasha Udgam Va Vikas by K. P. Kulkarni

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Marathi language came into existence during 500 A.D to 700 A.D. it evolved thereafter; it is a combination of all the Prakrit languages but mostly Maharashtriyan language and the corrupted form of many language It is believed that the evolution in the society, religion and language are based on the same foundation. Professor Kulkarni has studied the Marathi language in depths. He has revealed the secrets of the history of Marathi language. He has included the basic principles of language along with the history of other languages such as pre-vedic, vedic, Sanskrit, pali, prakrit, apbhransh, etc. He has also shade a light on the differences in the language during different eras, within various territories and other such aspects. He explains in details the various formats of studying the language such as historical, comparative, descriptive, and constructive. He tries to bring the importance of local and regional languages to our notice. Surely, Professor Kulkarni`s efforts are valuable for all the scholars of Marathi.

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