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Maratheshahiteel Manswini by Dr. Suresh R. Deshpande

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Through this book, Dr. Deshpande has tried to bring in light some of the great, capable and competent women from the `Maratheshahi`. He has researched the old historical documents mainly the letters written then; to cast a light on the truth. All these ladies hold a great position in the minds of the `Marathas` yet each had to face the worst turns of destiny. Through the drastic situations their skills were tested. Their patience, their tolerance level, their presence of mind, and their determination to tackle the worst situations were tested. The author has described this in a very simple language. He has given appropriate historical precedents while bringing these ladies into limelight. The post `Peshwai` period has always sketched ladies like Mastani and Anandibai as vamps, but the then correspondence reveals the fact that these two ladies are not treated properly by the historians. For the first time, through this book, we come to know about the proud regime of Jijabai of Karveer while trying her best to preserve the Kolhapur Sansthan. Hardly, anyone has ever written in detail about her till today. This book also reveals some new aspects of the nature of the great ladies like Jijabai, the mother of Shivaji; Maharani Yesubai; and Maharani Tarabai. This book will surely add to the knowledge of history lovers and students of history.

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