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Mantra Shrimanticha by Shyam Bhurke

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`Mantra Shrimanticha` written by Shyam Bhurke `How to be Rich` The book provides key, `How to become Rich` Manohar, School going student had strong desire to be wealthier. However his father prof. Buddhivant advised him to concentrate on studies and see that his name appears in merit list of top successful student. Contrary to this ideology a friend of the student`s father Mr. Dhaneshwar advised him not to use all the energy for school and collage studies. Do study to get through the examination. Set promoted to next standard. At the same time learn art of earning money. Invited of earning money, are of earning money has been more important. Manohar learnt the art. Each rupee that he earned use to earn next rupee. This has been described in the book. The reader of this book will have desire to be rich. He will be march towards the path of wealth. He will be enriched with the knowledge of becoming rich. Even, thore who are employees will think of becoming rich. Unployed youth will acquire enterepreneurship qualities. They will know the stories of rich persons and fowwow the same path. There will be more and more enterepreueurs.

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