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Malyachi mati by Anand Yadav

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Like similes and metaphors, Yadav’s poems speak the language of imagery. Thence is born a robust poem like ‘Sapna padtyaat’. Clods of earth find feet, turn their backs and start walking. They acquire eyes like the lustrous, moist ones of bullocks. Within hides a story. The clods cannot speak, so they shed silent tears through shut eyes. Yadav’s poetry does not reveal the angst brought on by hardships and poverty; nor has it taken birth to display the penurious and povertystricken village life for all to see, in the name of social awareness. Rather, the travails and tragedies of that life are as much a part of his experiences, as are the beauty of the luscious, swaying fields full of grain, and the feelings and lives of those hardworking folk. And therefore one gets a genuine and proper insight into rural life through this small collection of poems. Anuradha Potdar.

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