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Mahashweta by Sudha Murty

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She was a very beautiful lady, but was born to a poor school master. He was a very handsome doctor, from a very rich and noble family. He married her against everyone`s wish. But within a few months after marriage she got white spots on her body, leukoderma. Everyone got scared of her ugliness and they threw her out of the house, they sent her back to her parent`s house, as if she was a piece of garbage. She built up her own universe, but he was cursing himself. What if he had suffered with the same disease? Would she have discarded him like a piece of garbage? What can be the end of such stories? Sudha Murthy has given an insight to a simple woman from a traditional family. The woman is shattered with the disease but yet she comes out of it. She shapes her life well. The novel has found some depth because of the author`s matured thoughts and her attempts to correlate with the modern life. This novel has been translated in many of the Indian languages. We are sure that this Marathi translation will be able to touch the hearts and make them think over.

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