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Maharani by Ruskin Bond

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Maharani who drink too much, the real story of Jim Corbett, and friendly ghosts - a magical novella from Ruskin Bond!

H.H. is the spoilt, selfish, beautiful widow of the Maharajah of Mastipur.She lives with her dogs and her caretaker, Hans, in an enormous oldhouse in Mussorie, taking lovers and discarding them, drinking too much,and fending off her reckless sons who are waiting hungrily for theirinheritance. The seasons come and go, hotels burns down, cinemas shutshop, and people leave the hill station never to return. But H.H. remainsconstant and indomitable. Observing her antics, often with disapproval,is her old friend Ruskin, who can never quite cut himself off from her.Melancholic, wry and full of charm, Maharani is a delightful novella aboutlove, death and friendship.

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