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Mahabhartatil Pitru Vandana by Dinkar Joshi

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The history of Mahabharata is like a myth yet it is a story of a royal family. If we try to consider it as a story, then it appears to be an epic, and when we apply the rules of epic to it, it appears to be an apprehensive judgment. This epic may appear to be deceitful but its beauty lies in its peculiarity. Mahabharat gives us the true pictures of four righteous characters on the four walls of the temple of religion. Each wall will proudly reveal the `Karmayogi` Krishna, `Karmaveer` Bhishma, `Karmanuragi` Yudhisthir and `Karmasanyasi` Vidur respectively. They all hold divine qualities. Mahabharata is such a sensitive topic, much have been written about it and much more will be written about it. When we read this epic, it brings different unknown aspects to consider over and over again. It shows each incident in new light, new personalities, new format, new colours..

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