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Magil Panawarun Magech by Arun Shourie

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Methodical research rarely lends itself to passionate writing. But inFalling Over Backwards, Arun Shourie seeks to combine facts, figures, statements and judgements with the argumentative rhetoric of a propagandist. The result is an eminently readable book. Reservations in jobs and education have always been a contentious issue. Ever since Prime Minister V.P. Singh unleashed the Mandal Commission report in 1989, the issue of reservations has been hotly debated across India`s social and political spectrum. But have reservations really served the purpose they were intended for? InFalling Over Backwards, Arun Shourie, with characteristic attention to detail and meticulous research, points to the truth about reservations: that they are a sleight of hand of the politician. He also takes apart proreservation judgements of the Supreme Court and, in the process, bares the larger danger they portend, the danger to the one dyke that has saved us thus far, the doctrine of the Basic Structure itself. Tracing the history of reservations from the Constituent Assembly debates to the latest judgements,Falling Over Backwardsis a stinging rejoinder to those who advocate reservations as the panacea for all the ills that plague the nation.

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