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Madhumeh Ek Aavhan by Dr. Ashok Birbal Jain, Aruna Ashok Jain

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Modern life has bestowed many benefits upon us, but it has cursed us in many ways. Diabetes is one such curse. It is very essential to control diabetes, not only personally but socially as well. The percentage of diabetes is increasing day by day, globally. This book is especially written to give us detailed information about this disease. It starts with the introduction of diabetes as well as the factors responsible for it and its symptoms. Till date, there is no perfect cure for diabetes. Diabetes can be controlled Perfect and proper diet, timely medicines and regular exercise help to keep a control over diabetes. There are a few remedial suggestions to keep the disease from getting worst though. This book tells us in detail the worst adverse effects due to diabetes. The appendix guides us to control this disease. Both Dr. Aruna Jain and Dr. Ashok Birbal Jain are the Directors of the Diabetes, Heart Disease and Asthma Cure Center, at Wardha.

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