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Lost Horizon by James Hilton Translated by Snehal Joshi

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Originally published in 1933, Lost Horizon gained unrivaled popularity from coast to coast, particularly after Frank Capra`xs spellbinding 1937 film introduced audiences nationwide to its stunning tale of revolution, utopia, emotion, and adventure set in a hidden mountaintop escape known only as Shangri-La. When an uprising in Baskul forces a small group of English and American residents to flee, their plane crash-lands in the far western reaches of the Tibetan Himalayas. There, the bewildered party finds themselves stranded outside the protective borders of the British Empire, and discovers access to a place beyond the bounds of the imagination&mdashxa legendary paradise, the mystic monastery Shangri-La. New P.S. Edition featuring an essay by Kenneth C. Davis, author of Don`xt Know Much About®x History and Two-Bit Culture: The Paperbacking of America.

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