Lost enchantment by Barbara Cartland

Lost enchantment by Barbara Cartland

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1803 is the year of the expected invasion of Bonaparte's fleet, and hundreds of flat-bottomed barges in the ports of France are waiting to carry his seasoned troops across the Channel. Unprepared England is in the grip of spy fever and the Marquis of Alton has been appointed to discover a suspected leak in Government circles.

The dashing Marquis of Alton was one of England's wealthiest noblemen. The most enchanting beauties in London were eager for his embrace and the loveliest of them all was determined to marry him. The Marquis, blue-devilled and incensed, repairs to his country house after nearly being trapped into marriage by Lady Leone Harlington.

Then, walking in the green and gold-flecked woods on his estate, he met a mysterious and bewitching young woman, and he rescues her small dog from a trap. Who was this green-eyed wood nymph, with her elfin grace and unspoiled charm? Why was she so terrified? He must find her again and learn the truth. At lost, when fate did bring them together, he was drawn with Sylvina into a drama of powerful passions that threatened to destroy them both!

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