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Living Dreams by Dan Mayur

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This is a book about the struggles of a young man in the pursuit of excellence in the face of the vicissitudes of life. In this entertaining and informative memoir, Dan Mayur traces a fascinating life story from his humble beginnings in rural India to his ascent into corporate leadership in America. It is about people and places and influences and experiences. In search of real happiness beyond a high-paying corporate job, he took early retirement to pursue his interests in travel, reading, writing and charity. He proposes that laughing, learning, and loving are necessary and sufficient for happy living, and he brings out his lessons for life in lucid language, creating vivid imagery in the reader’s mind. He does this with philosophic undertones, using sensitivity, wit and humor. This book is for all lovers of life. It will appeal to a wide audience of teachers, students, travelers, NRIs and indeed, to all parents and children.

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