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Lessons in Love by Barbara Cartland

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Lady Marisa Berrington-Crecy had decided to write a book -- an amusing, scandalous, gossipy book that would set Edwardian society on its decadent ear. And what better place to gather information than Vox Castle, home of the Duke of Milverley, an attractive widower noted for enjoying the favors of married women.
So Mrisa set off disguised as governess to the Duke's young daughter. She was resolved never to fall in love with any man until she met the Duke and found him to be devastatingly handsome. The Due himself was inflamed by Marisa's pure, innocent beauty -- her Titian hair and luminous green eyes.
But one day he unexpectedly discovered her manuscript and, in a violent rage, banished her from his house. Only then did Marisa realize that her one, true love might be lost to her forever.

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