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Kurukshetranantar by Mahasweta Devi

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Mahabharata, the inevitable part of Indian life and culture. It is an epic. It has many qualities. It describes all type of mentalities. It is said that whatever is present in the world outside is already described in this epic, and whatever is not there in Mahabharata is nowhere in the universe. It is full of inscrutable happenings, abstruse characters, it confuses a common man yet captures him. The war played on the Kurukshetra was given a convenient name, Dharmayuddha. It engulfed the contemporary wild culture too. It burnt many other traditions and personalities. The surprising part is the values of life which had always made living easy had shattered the very core of our "being` revealing the philosophies of life. Kaurav and Pandavas had both become very haughty. Vice and virtues had been long since forgotten, justice and injustice were ignored completely. All these views give us a new direction to think about. And when the reader thinks that he is about to reveal the answers to some of the questions, new questions rise up again. This book will certainly compel the reader to think about Mahabharata in a different way, like never before.

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