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Krushnadevray by Dr. Laxminarayan Bolli

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The Vijayanagar Empire has been considered as the epitome of Indian-Hindu civilization and the establishment of a Hindu Republic. It has made an unparalleled contribution to religion, civilization, the performing arts, music and literature. Amongst all the rulers of this empire, the name of Krishna Dev Rai stands tall. During his reign, the Vijayanagar army remained unvanquished. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Vallabhacharya, Saint Kanakdas, Saint Purandardas and other great men were honored by him. The renowned Madhvacharya Shri Vyasteerth was his guru. Krishna Dev Rai was not only a capable military leader, but also an emperor who took good care of his subjects. He implemented various projects for the benefit of his populace. We find reliable and detailed information about his social-cultural work in the reports of contemporary Portuguese travellers. They had visited Vijayanagar and stayed there for some time. Additional information about him can be had from inscribed tablets – ‘Shilalekha’ he had made. His empire extended in all directions and included Belgaum, Goa, Cuttack and Sri Lanka. Krishna Dev Rai’s books written in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit reveal the workings of a sensitive mind. His fame as the ‘Bhojraja’ of Andhra had spread far and wide. Great poets adorned his durbar. He had honoured the poet Shreenath (known as the ‘Telugu Kalidasa’) by donating his weight in gold. Within the short span of nineteen years he won all the thirty battles that he fought. ‘Amuktamalyada’, his collection of poems is considered among the finest of Telugu poetry. As one with great command over the shastras and techniques of warfare, none comes close to the emperor Krishna Dev Rai.

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